Why Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences Sector 3, JIMS Rohini, Delhi ?

JIMS Rohini

  • Excellent and easily accessible location in Delhi (JIMS Rohini Delhi)
  • A systematic plan to develop a very important intellectual capital.
  • An ongoing commitment to working for the benefit of the students coming from different sections of the society and to enable them to keep in touch with experts from the industry.
  • Installing new benchmarks by establishing the first FM Community Radio channel ’96. 9 ‘
  • The continuous updation of international trade, information technology, media studies, culinary skills, design departments, and coordination with the industry on developing communication is not only in English but also in foreign languages ​​such as French.
  • JIMS Rohini Delhi Extensive education and research programs aimed at deep understanding of the global economy.
  • Extensive student support network of teachers, administrators, consultants and mentors.
  • Summer internship to increase employment prospects.
  • The ability to develop full-time work, proper guidance, increase in employment and acquaintance with career services after graduation with JIMS Rohini Delhi.

Courses Offered


Bachelor of Business Administration (3.0 Years)   

Total BBA Fee for JIMS Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

BBA (Banking And Finance)

Banking & Finance Bachelor of Business Administration (3.0 Yrs)  TIMESPRO

BBA Total Fee for  TIMESPRO Rs. 165000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

B.Voc. in Journalism & Media Management

Details for Bachelor of Vocation Journalism & Mass Communication  (3.0 Years)

Journalism & Mass Communication Total Fees JIMS Rohini Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

Interior Design & Fashion Technology B.Voc

Bachelor of Vocation Interior & Fashion Designing (3 Years)

Interior Design & Fashion Technology  Total Fees Jims Rohini Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.


Bachelor of Computer Applications (3.0 Years )

Total Fee JIMS Delhi Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

B.Com. (Hons.)

Bachelor of Commerce ( 3.0 Years )

BCOM Total Total Fee JIMS Delhi Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

B.Voc. in Hospitality, Catering, Travel, Tourism and Service Industry

Bachelor of Vocation Tourism & Hospitality Management  (3.0 Years )

Tourism & Hospitality Management Total Fee Rs. 120000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

Jewellery & Accessory Design B.Voc

Bachelor of Vocation Jewellery & Accessory Design (3.0 Years )

Jewellery  & Accessory Design Total Fee Rs. 115000 (Yearly) Apply Now.

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